Creating Fairy Garden for Your Kids

Fairy garden is always a lovely idea to put in your house, especially if you have a daughter. This thing is not a new thing anymore, because it has been quite popular since a few decades ago. A cute and tiny garden is very exciting to create, but it is quite difficult to make one, […]

Choosing Your Garden Accents

Garden accents are completely vital for you who want to create a garden. The accent of the garden is not the theme of the garden, but it is giving a kind of several stuffs that can make your garden seems different than any kind of gardens. This is actually easy to pick the accent to […]

Wooden Garden Bridges

Garden bridges are quite popular in last 10 years. Bridge is certainly beautiful for any kind of gardens, but installing a garden bridge is not quite easy unfortunately. The wooden bridge is the most common garden bridge, because with wood you can be easier and cheaper to create the bridge than using the steel. Indeed, […]

Garden Design Ideas for Vintage House

Garden design ideas are various. There are a lot of garden designs that you could install as yours. Vintage is one of the favorite styles in these 5 years. This style is quite eye catching and it always brings a combination between classic style and bohemian style. Indeed, this style seems outdated, but recently, outdated […]

Creating Small Garden Design for Your Backyard

Small garden design is commonly a great idea to have in everyone’s backyard. Gardening is always a nice hobby to do, and it likely never gets boring. Having small house is certainly a problem if you want to have a garden, but if you have a little space behind your house, you could make a […]

Feeling Peaceful with Japanese Garden Design

Japanese garden design is a brilliant idea to build, because this is very attractive and cozy. There are many advantages by creating a Japanese garden. First, it is unique, because it is very rare and difficult to find. Then, it brings a peaceful and enjoyable vibe that is very suitable for releasing the stress and […]

Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

Vegetable garden design commonly created by people without any plan before. This kind of garden commonly can be seen easily at the front or backyard people who live in a village. They prefer to use their empty space out of their house to produce something useful. For you if you want to create this kind […]

Backyard Garden Design Ideas

Backyard garden design will be always interesting to be discussed. Creating and turning the backyard to be something nice and refreshing is very nice to be planned. One of the great ideas is that you can turn your backyard garden into a kind of garden where you can do many interesting activities with your family […]

The Modern Garden Design

Modern garden design is a garden that located whether at front yard or backyard. The difference between modern garden and the other kind of garden is at the design. We can see whether a garden classified into a modern garden or vintage garden in their design. Generally, modern garden has some specific designs. What are […]

Teak Outdoor Furniture Set

Teak outdoor furniture is the kind of furniture that belongs for the outdoor. As the name, this kind of furniture is made from teak wood; one of the well-known wood as the material to making any kind of furniture. Teak wood has a very great quality. It could stands for more than 10 years. Using […]