Country Kitchen Décor

Country kitchen décor can become the best decoration for your gorgeous kitchen. The decoration seems traditional but it is appropriate for modern housewife. The country decoration is often called rustic kitchen. The rustic kitchen is chosen by many people because the rustic kitchen is creating a romance nuance.

Tips to apply the country kitchen décor

It is an easy thing to make it more traditional. First, you should change all modern furniture in the kitchen. And then, you must change it with the traditional furniture. Otherwise, if it is difficult, you may hide it only. For the next, you can apply wood furniture to emphasize the traditional nuance. Avoid choosing synthetic cabinet. Try to choose wood cabinet. In addition, you can put old photos and accessories on the kitchen wall. Also, do not forget to put historical thing in the corner of the kitchen. It makes the kitchen is rustic looking

Lighting in the country kitchen

The lighting in the rustic kitchen is usually directly from the sun. Therefore, you have to apply a warm lighting. To make it more perfect, you may paint the wall with warm colors like cream and light yellow. Avoid applying bright color because it will make the traditional nuance disappear.