Creating Small Garden Design for Your Backyard

Small garden design is commonly a great idea to have in everyone’s backyard. Gardening is always a nice hobby to do, and it likely never gets boring. Having small house is certainly a problem if you want to have a garden, but if you have a little space behind your house, you could make a tiny garden there. Furthermore, in creating a garden, you could design something cute in the backyard.


Picking a Theme for Small Garden Design

Is hard to find a theme for a small garden? If you find it difficult, you could find a kind of inspiration from anything surrounded you. For example, you could pick something you like, or something that your family likes, such as, a movie character, or you could pick one from the internet. If you still can not find the right one, you could ask from the expert. However, internet is always the best references to find great ideas.


What Do You Need in Creating Small Garden?

The first thing that you need is a careful measurement. Then, you need to fill it with many plants, but you need to pay attention about the plant. In small garden, you should not put big plants or flowers, but you just need to put several tiny flowers that have a nice look. You also need to remember that the plants should be compatible with the theme that you have picked.