Shabby Chic Bedroom for Girl Teen Bedroom

Shabby chic bedroom becomes one of the most favorite girl teenager bedroom ideas. Shabby chic tends to show its calmness, vintage style, and girly touch. Girl will love it. This shabby also dominates with kinds of peace and soft colors, such as baby pink, soft blue and green, white, yellow, purple, and others. They are girl’s colors.  It also shows you about outdate and vintage style which brings into the modern era.


How do you design your favorite shabby chic bedroom side?

There are many things that you can choose to design your bedroom with shabby chic idea. For example, you can start to give flowery, brick or natural wallpaper for the wall, and turquoise, soft blue, baby pink, white ivory, beige, and white tend to choose as wall paint. After that, shabby chic style also shows by the using of wooden flooring for bedroom. It seems rustic and elegant. Rustic bedroom set looks suitable for this theme.


What kind of accessories that suitable for your shabby chic room design?

To complete and enhance your shabby room design, you can add additional accessories or trinkets that can strengthen this theme. Flowery with soft color bedding looks nice on your bed. Classy chandelier creates a romantic style. Lacy curtain with peace color is good for your window treatment. Last, shabby pillow and bolster also can be chosen by you.