The Modern Garden Design

Modern garden design is a garden that located whether at front yard or backyard. The difference between modern garden and the other kind of garden is at the design. We can see whether a garden classified into a modern garden or vintage garden in their design. Generally, modern garden has some specific designs. What are they? Well, there are so many kind designs for modern garden. Generally, modern garden appears with some design that makes it looks “modern”. Here are two examples of modern design for garden.


Minimalist modern garden design

Yes. Nowadays, minimalist design of anything always is connected with the modernity. As here, the minimalist design can be applied as the design for garden. How could be? That is by managing your small space front or backyard into a chic garden. For the detail design you can go browsing on the internet. Commonly this kind of garden design is combined with some elements to manufacture the garden, such as: little stone, beach sand, and Japanese grass together to make the layout of the garden.


Design of modern garden with path way

This is commonly be seen; that modern garden appears with the path way. Even in vintage or classic garden design sometimes exist as well, yet in the modern one, the path way will look more “modern”. People usually create it in an unique way, they make some pattern with several materials to make it more chic and up to date.