Two Kinds of Vintage Home Décor Ideas

Vintage home décor ideas are the kind of ideas to decorate home in a retro or old way. The kind of vintage feels can be manufactured in some part or aspects. It could be in selection furniture, the way the home be arranged and many more. To make it easier, let`s divide the vintage decorating home ideas into two types; the first is shabby vintage decorating home ideas and the next is classic vintage decorating home ideas.


Shabby vintage home décor ideas

This one is ideas for decorating home in a vintage style yet identic with the girly look and feel. Shabby vintage commonly uses some kinds of flower pattern as the decoration theme. These kind of styles are very suitable for women who have a very girly personality and love to create all of their stuffs in a classic, sweet, calm and of course girly way.


Classic vintage decorating home ideas

Unlike the shabby vintage style which is very identical with woman due to the girly style, this one is more neutral or even more many. Basically, the classic vintage style for home decorating has the same concept; that is to decorate home in a vintage way but this one without the flowery pattern or pastel colors or something like that. To decorate home with this style people only need to create an old sense.