Wooden Garden Bridges

Garden bridges are quite popular in last 10 years. Bridge is certainly beautiful for any kind of gardens, but installing a garden bridge is not quite easy unfortunately. The wooden bridge is the most common garden bridge, because with wood you can be easier and cheaper to create the bridge than using the steel. Indeed, steel is much stronger than the wood, but the wooden bridge is always lovely and compatible with any kind of theme.


Creating Your Own Garden Bridges

Installing bridge in the garden is actually little bit complicated, because you definitely need a kind of small river or a pound that could be compatible with the bridge. In constructing the bridge, you should have measured the exact size of your pound and the bridge you are going to build. Then, you could just build it with a couple of woods and nails. If you need ropes as it connectors, it is cool. Then, you have to make sure that the wood is strong enough, at least to carry about 3 or 4 adults.


Garden Pound

Adding a pound into your garden is completely a great idea, because you could enjoy the water and the fish directly in your own garden. The pound will surely add the natural nuance of your garden. Moreover, with a pound, your garden could be a greater place to release the stress and spend your free time.